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Our Products
Oil Field Equipment:
1. Well Head
a. Casing Spools slip-on or flanged end for Casing sizes ranging from 30 to 5 OD
b. Casing Hangers for casing sizes ranging from 20 to 5 OD.
c. Side outlet Valves either gate or ball valves in sizes ranging from 1-13/16 to 7-1/16 ID.
d. Side outlet flanges blind or with bull plugs in sizes ranging from 1-13/16 to 7-1/16 ID.
e. Other accessories, Risers, Mud lines & Suspension Systems.

2. Tubing Head & Xmas Tree Assemblies
a. Tubing Spools made from forged steel or steel alloys, standard or gladded with tubing hangers, both for single or multiple well completions. Side outlets with Valves or Flanges rated upto 10,000-psi working pressure ranging from 1-13/16 to 7-1/16 ID.
b. Secondary Seal Assemblies with P seal or other seals incorporated in 2.1 or separately as a flange or adapter.
c. Tubing Spool Adapters. Single or Double Studded or through Hole Type.
d. Crosses, Tees and Adapters all studded with ring grooves.
e. X-Mass Tree Assemblies standard or Solid Block consisting of one or more         Standard or cavity Valves ranging in sizes form 1-13/16 to 7-1/16 ID.
f. Chokes adjustable or fixed been including rotary type with accessories.
g. X-Mass Tree Caps & Weld on Flanges.
h. Other Wellhead Accessories.

3. Rotary Drilling Equipment
a. Integral and weld blade or replaceable Sleeve type stabilizers
b. Drill String Subs
c. Kelly Saver Subs
d. Bit Subs
e. Tool Joints / Drill Pipes
f. Junk Subs
g. Pup Joints
h. Drill Collars

4. Threaded Connections.
a. API
b. Premium

5. Manifolds
a. Production and Test Manifolds.
b. Drilling Choke and Kill Manifolds.
c. Stand Pipe Manifolds.
d. Control Manifolds.
e. Other Manifolds and accessories.

6. Flanges, Spools and Adaptors

7. Portable and Mounted Seismic and Water Well Drilling Rigs.
a. Man portable Seismic Drilling Rigs with Down Hole Hammer.
b. Trailer Mounted Seismic Drilling Rigs with Down Hole Hammer.
c. Truck Mounted Seismic Drilling Rigs with Down Hole Hammer.

8. Pressure Vessels
a. Multi Phase Separators
b. Liquid Knockouts
c. LPG Storage Vessels